About me

My name is Hedvig. It's H - E - D - V - I - G. I am 11 years old. I am tall, I'm not short. I am happy, I'm not sad. I am a student in 4B. My mother is a teacher. My father is a police officer.

What can I do?

I can run and swim. I can't jump and climb. I can spell English words. I can count from one to ten. I can write with a pen. I can sing songs. I can paint a nice house.

I can see with my eyes. I can hear with my ears. I can taste with my tongue. I can smell with my nose. I can touch with my fingers.

About me - audio

p34 audio - What we can do

Tankönyv 32 oldal audió

4th January 2021                                44th lesson

M3 Wordlists

A kép, amiről írni, beszélni kell majd. Kattints a linkre!

2nd Nov        24th lesson  4A, 23rd lesson 4B


Student's Book p12/1 audio

12th October                  18th lesson

Student's Book p12/2 audio

Workbook p9/4 audio

9th October                17th lesson


M2 Wordlist Song 1-5

25th September              15th lesson

M2 Wordlist Young Stars 6-10

M2 Wordlist Our World 11-21

M2 Wordlist Let's play 22-25

M2 WordlistCross-curricular 26-28

M2 WordlistStory 29-30

Companion szótárfüzet beszkennelve (PDF)



                                                                            Wordlists 28th September

Hello (1 - 16)                                                     Numbers 1 - 10                                                          Song (11 - 16)

    Young Stars (17 - 22)

Our world (23 - 29)

Let's play (30 - 35)

Cross - curricular (36 - 39)

Student's book p8/12 Hello - dialogue

Student's book p10/1

Student's book p10/2

Click here and start typing. Quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet consectetur adipisci velit sed quia non numquam.

7 September                                                              3rd lesson

ABC song - Youtube link