M2C wordlist Mickie, Millie and Mut

M2D What day is it today?

M2D Days of the week

28th January    55th lesson  M2B wordlists

My family  - family

Possessive adjectives

M2A Where are you from - audio wordlist

M2A Countries and cities - audio wordlist

43rd lesson

Képleírás audió

Young Stars M2 wordlist Song 1-5.

7th October               16th lesson

Young Stars 6-10.

30th Sept    Workbook p82/1C wordlist (at - with)

Workbook p82/1C wordlist (oh - a/one hundred)

Workbook p82/1D wordlist (alphabet - women)

Audio wordlist  82 1A Hello (class - partner)

Audio wordlist 82 1A Greetings (Bye - Who's this?)

Audio wordlist 82 1B In the classroom (a/an - woman)

Audio wordlist 82 1B Instructions (Close your exercise book - Write on the board)

Young Stars Wordlist 1 - 16.

Young Stars Wordlist Numbers 1 - 10

Young Stars Wordlist Song 11 - 16

Young Stars  Wordlist - Young Stars 17 - 22

Young Stars Wordlist- Our world 23 - 29

Young Stars Wordlist- Let's play 30 - 35

Young Stars Wordlist Cross curricular 36 - 39

Young Stars Wordlist Story 40 - 43

17th September                                                         8th lesson

16th September                                                         7th lesson

tk5/6 audió.  

Workbook 1A and 1B words

11th September                                                          6th lesson

Classroom commands interactive exercise

9th Sept                                                                                   4th lesson

Project 1 Introduction - audio wordlist Workbook  p82 (class - Who's this?)