M3A Audio wordlist - What was happening?

M3B audio wordlist - A dangerous situation

M3B audio wordlist - Natural disasters

Solar system and Transport audios

London Tube map         https://content.tfl.gov.uk/standard-tube-map.pdf

4th January 2021             44th lesson

                                                        M2 wordlists

Homework to describe (about 150 words)

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9th Nov                             26th lesson

Student's book p11/6 b-c audio

19th October                  21st lesson

M1 Wordlists p82 Activities & Culture (camping - step parent)

English Across the Curriculum p82 (across - woolly rhinoceros)

Workbook p10/2 audio

M1 Wordlists p82 Revision & Your Project

7th October                                                                16th lesson (live lesson)

HW: minimum 100 words (picture description, how is it in your family and what happened yesterday

(Present Continuous( happening in the photo,        Present Simple ,             Past Simple)

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Wordlist Wb p82 M1C My family (already-youngest

5th October                  15th lesson

A family in the garden photo

Wordlist Wb p82 M1D Kids (accept - Would you like to... ?

Student's book p12/ex2 audio

Homework questions

2nd October              14th lesson

Past Simple test

Workbook p8/1 audio

Past Simple test audio

M1B A surprise for Smart Alec - wordlist

30th September      13th lesson


28th September                                             12th lesson

Irregular verbs (be - write) teljes lista!

Workbook p82 M1 My life (admire - thing)

23rd Sept           10th lesson.

Present Tenses Test

Workbook p82 M1 Life stages (be born - start school

Student's book p8/2: My new home

14th September                                                                6th lesson

First meeting (Youtube link)                                      Test 1/A         Below you can find the audio wordlists of  

                                                                                                                 Introduction A and B (discussion -                                                                                                                                                         who's        

                                                                                                                                                         that man?)

11th September                                                                5th lesson

Irregular verbs (cost - fly)      

Present Simple vs Present Continuous ppt

 7th Sept                                                             3rd lesson

Irregular verbs: be - come

Irregular verbs cost - fly

Wordlist - Introduction A Kids

Wordlist - Introduction A Sweet Sue & Smart Alec