Irregular verbs

to bite bit
to break broke
to drive drove
to fall over fell over
to feel felt
to find found
to forget forgot
to get got
to go went
to have/has had
to leave left
to lose lost
to put put
to sleep slept
to steal stole
to take took

Regular verbs

to arrive d
to book t
to change d
to check t
to clean d
to close d
to collect id
to enjoy d
to grab d
to land id
to like t
to look t
to need id
to open d
to pack t
to phone d
to play d
to practise t
to rain d
to shout id
to start id
to stay d
to stop t
to travel d
to try d
to visit id
to wait id
to walk t
to want id


24th September homework