tk44/2 audio

tk45/7a audio

tk44/3 audio

M4 wordlists

M4A Food and drink

M4B Stone soup

M4C Mut goes shopping

16th February    83rd lesson

Mut's holiday content - audio

tk39/6 audio

mf 29/5 megoldás:

25th January

71st lesson

Rendhagyó igék - irregular verbs

mf88  audio

18th January                                                        67th lesson                                       

14th January 2021                                              65th lesson

14th January 2021                                              65th lesson

                                                                          M3 Wordlists

M3A Where were you last weekend?

M3A Phrases with at, in, on

                                                              M3B - C Holidays - Holiday problems

    Wordlists p82 1D At home (brilliant - which)

19th October                    28th lesson

              Household jobs drawing to describe

Wordlists p82 1D At home - Household jobs - adverbs of frequency (cook the dinner - usually -normally)

Workbook p82 M1B Birthdays  (a long time - When is your birthday? )

13th October                  25th lesson

Workbook p82 - Months of the year (January - December)

Workbook p82 M1C Mickey, Millie and Mut (agree - Well done!)

29th Sept                                                                              17th lesson

       Cloze test

28th September                                                     16th lesson

Student's book p8/4   audio

Workbook p82 M1A My daily life (after - yet)

Workbook p82 M1A Ordinal Numbers (first - thirtieth)

21st September                                                                 12th lesson

                 Workbook p3 ex7 audio

                 Student's book p4 ex1 audio

             Student's book p4 ex3 audio

                 Student's book p5 ex1 audio

                    Student's book p5 ex5 audio

Workbook p82 words (bike - up)

10th September                                                                     6th lesson

Words (best friend - yoga)